Strategies to Support and Engage Families Virtually

Questions for Reflection

Consider these questions as you develop your virtual family engagement action plan. Refer back to them as part of your continuous quality improvement efforts.

Standards and Guidance

  • How does your knowledge of family engagement align with your virtual strategy?
  • Is your virtual engagement interactive, accessible, trauma sensitive, user friendly, and considerate of the needs and circumstances of the family?

Opportunities for Continuous Improvement

  • Once you have considered OHS guidance and reflected on your recent experience with virtual service delivery, what successes will inform what you continue to offer?
  • Are there new opportunities for virtual family engagement?

Focus on Families1

  • How can you learn about the needs and goals of families? How can you use what you learn to shape your online learning programs?
  • If you design virtual services and support around the strengths and needs of families, what will those services and that support look like?
  • How can you actively include families in your efforts to design engagement strategies? How can families inform your efforts to develop programs and solutions that meet their needs?

Culture and Language1

  • How can virtual engagement strategies honor and reflect the cultural values, beliefs, and languages of families?
  • How can you represent diverse families in online programs?

Evolving Needs

  • How can you check in with families about what is working for them?
  • How can you check in with families about what is not working for them?


  • What type of technology- and internet access-related assistance do families continue to need? Do families have difficulty using technology?
  • Do families have privacy concerns?

Next Steps

  • How can family outcomes, goals, and needs guide which virtual engagement strategy or combination of strategies you use?
  • What can be your next steps?