Strategies to Support and Engage Families Virtually

Strategy 1. Provide Virtual One-to-One Check-ins

A view of a staff members computer screen showing a virtual check-in with a family.

One-to-one interactions between staff and families provide opportunities for building relationships and developing trust. Carve out time to work with the family to identify their needs and goals and help them make a plan. Reflect with families on their goals and provide feedback and input when needed. Request permission to record the sessions to make it possible to share notes afterwards.

Examples for Family Services

  • Send text messages for follow-up and occasional check-ins with families as part of the family-centered strengths and needs assessments.
  • Use video or audio calls to discuss families’ goals and plans as part of the Family Partnership Agreement.
  • Conduct virtual home visits.
  • Provide referrals and make connections with other community services through text, phone, or email.