Strategies to Support and Engage Families Virtually

Strategy 2. Maintain Ongoing and Two-way Communication with Families

A man using his smartphone to conduct virtual meetings.

Consistent and ongoing two-way communication between staff and parents helps keep everyone informed. Parents have support and resources at their fingertips and staff know about important changes in families’ lives. Support family-staff relationships and improve outcomes with regular calls, texts, or emails. Share helpful tips, resources, goal or event reminders, suggestions for free or low-cost activities, and encouragement. Encourage families to initiate and respond to communications.

Examples for Family Services

  • Provide regular reminders and encouragement in each family’s preferred language to stay connected and support goals.
  • Send text messages to share information quickly and easily.
  • Offer multiple ways for families to connect with staff (e.g., text messages, email, virtual platforms, phone calls) and for staff to supplement learning with families.