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Family Support & Well-being

Family well-being occurs when all family members are safe, healthy, and have chances for educational advancement and economic mobility. Support services such as early care and education, housing and food assistance, and physical and mental health care positively contribute to the well-being of families and their children. When families face challenges that cause stress, including poverty and homelessness, their health and wellness can be negatively impacted. Engaging families as active participants in problem-solving and goal-setting can help them identify and use their own strengths to address the challenges they face. When families are healthy, safe, and economically stable, their children's health and well-being can thrive.

Family Well-Being

What does family well-being mean for Head Start and Early Head Start families and children? Safe, healthy, and financially secure families are more likely to reach their goals for themselves and their children.

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Supporting Family Safety, Health, and Financial Stability

Safety, health, and financial stability are key to family well-being. Explore ways program staff can support families in reaching their goals.

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Building Foundations for Economic Mobility Webinar Series

Explore these videos and resources to support program efforts around financial capability and education and career strategies for Head Start and Early Head Start families.

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Tell Me a Story Series

Use this resource to help build parent and staff capacity in using books and stories for helping young children learn, manage strong emotions, deal with feelings of grief, or work on their social skills.

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Family Support and Well-being

Last Updated: February 8, 2018