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Building Foundations for Economic Mobility E-Newsletter

The Building Foundations for Economic Mobility (BFEM) E-newsletter is produced by the National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (NCPFCE). It is dedicated to staff working with families. This page provides current and past issues of the newsletter.

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Head Start and Apprenticeship Programs

The Office of Head Start (OHS) and NCPFCE are committed to enhancing your program's efforts to help families become more financially independent and strong. In this issue, we explore apprenticeship programs that can help parents earn income while gaining valuable job skills.

Partnering with Community Colleges to Support Student Parents

In this issue, we explore partnering with community colleges to support the educational goals of parents in your programs so they can realize greater financial security over time.

The Relationship Between Housing and Economic Mobility

Stable housing is critical to child development and family well-being. For young children, a stable home provides a positive environment for engaging in nurturing relationships with parents and other family members. In this issue, we explore housing goals and economic mobility.

Managing Finances to Achieve Adult Education Goals

Budgeting is an important skill for anyone who is learning to manage finances. It can be especially important for family members who are in school and trying to balance family, a job, and school responsibilities. In this issue, we explore financing education goals and budgeting. Find resources to help make informed financial decisions about how to pay for college.

Financial Planning for the Unexpected

Life is unpredictable. Sudden changes in income or unexpected expenses can result in severe financial strain that could affect child well-being and set families further away from achieving their financial goals. In this issue, we explore ways to help families with financial planning.

Encouraging Families to Pursue Their Interests in Learning

During the summer months, Head Start and Early Head Start programs are busy planning for the upcoming school year. In this issue, we explore one of the family outcomes in the PFCE Framework: Families as Learners. We are excited to feature resources full of ideas for how you can begin planning your program’s efforts to support families in pursuit of education and training goals.

Last Updated: December 28, 2018