Family Support & Well-being

Chatathon Live Series: American Rescue Plan Benefits

The Office of Head Start’s yearlong Investing with Families initiative shares important American Rescue Plan (ARP) benefits information with Head Start programs, staff, families, and communities. As part of this initiative, the National Center on Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (NCPFCE) is hosting the Chatathon Live series.

Our chatathon is an extended, interactive conversation via chat. It is designed to support Head Start staff and families in accessing, planning, and using available ARP benefits for individual family economic mobility goals.

In each session, a panel of NCPFCE experts and staff is on hand to respond to grant recipient questions. Topics include stimulus payments, tax credits, housing vouchers, and more. Learn about expanded ARP resources and get ideas for developing your own program-wide Investing with Families efforts.

FAQs from the Chatathon Live Series

Explore FAQs to learn more about the American Rescue Plan’s benefits for families.