Family Support & Well-being

Supporting Children and Families Experiencing Homelessness

Enhance your knowledge around family homelessness and the McKinney-Vento Homelessness Assistance Act's definition of "homeless" as it refers to children and youth. Review other relevant federal regulations for Head Start, Early Head Start, and Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF)-subsidized programs.

This interactive learning series is intended for professionals in Head Start, Early Head Start, and child care, including early childhood and school-age child care providers, CCDF Lead Agency or designated entity staff, and other key stakeholders. Learn how to identify families experiencing homelessness, conduct community outreach, and much more.

Certificates of Completion

Knowledge checks, practice scenarios, and interactive learning modules will help deepen your understanding of family homelessness. Each module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, depending on your level of experience. When you finish all sections of the module, download your Certificate of Completion.

Module 1: Overview of Family Homelessness

Explore this overview of family homelessness. Review the federal definition of "homeless children and youths" and assess your overall knowledge.

Module 2: Understanding Family Homelessness

Learn the facts about family homelessness. Explore the federal laws and regulations that govern Head Start, Early Head Start, and CCDF-funded early childhood and school-age child care programs.

Module 3: Understanding the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act's Definition of "Homeless"

It is important for early childhood professionals to understand the federal definition of “homeless children and youth.” Find out how staff use it in their work with children to identify families experiencing homelessness and how programs use it to enhance outreach efforts.

Module 4: Determining a Family's Homeless Situation

Find out how to determine if a family's situation meets the federal definition of "homeless" for children. Learn to use respectful and strengths-based strategies in your conversations with families.

Module 5: Identifying and Reaching Out to Families Experiencing Homelessness

Learn how to identify and reach out to families experiencing homelessness. Discover local- and state-level partners you can connect with to enhance your efforts in these areas.

Module 6: Enhancing Program Access and Participation for Children Experiencing Homelessness

Learn the seven strategies to expedite enrollment into early childhood and school-age care services. Also, explore how to enhance participation and continuity of care for children experiencing homelessness.

Module 7: Building Relationships with Families

Explore the concepts of family engagement and how to engage families experiencing homelessness. Learn to apply these strategies using real-life scenarios.

Module 8: Connecting with Community Partners

Discover the importance of connecting with community partners to provide supports and services for children and families experiencing homelessness. Explore strategies to build and broaden these connections.

Last Updated: December 30, 2019