Family Economic Mobility Toolkit

Directors and Managers Supporting Staff

The FEM Toolkit shares information, ideas, inspiration, and hands-on resources to help you better understand the journey toward economic mobility and make meaningful connections with your staff that partner with families to achieve the best outcomes across a variety of situations.

Prepare Staff for Family Economic Mobility Work

Use the Toolkit to support your staff by finding resources and tools that help build knowledge, skills, and confidence.

Explore Connections with the Head Start Framework

Use the Toolkit to boost your understanding of how family economic mobility aligns with the Head Start Program Performance Standards and the PFCE Framework and what that means for your program.

Build FEM into Your Program Planning

Use the Toolkit to review or revise program goals. The interactive reflection and planning tool for program managers and directors can help you identify ways to use existing data about family economic mobility to inform staff training, professional development, and family services. You can also use this tool to help determine staff capacity and find community partners to support families in reaching their family economic mobility goals in your program.