Family Economic Mobility Toolkit

Income and Spending

The cornerstone of economic mobility is having access to income and resources, accessing safe and affordable financial products, practicing skills to monitor income and spending, and planning for future goals. Supporting families in using tools and resources to understand their current financial picture and the things that they want to change can give families powerful insight into where they should begin in order to achieve their goals.

Many FEM goals that families have involve income and spending. Many families may want to focus on strengthening their financial foundation by:

  • Choosing financial products
  • Making and using a budget
  • Accessing public benefits
  • Paying bills
  • Filing taxes and accessing tax credits
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  • Many families experiencing poverty often know more about budgeting and stretching a dollar than others may. Look to families as experts on their situation and the strategies that work for them, while offering resources and tools to support their work.
  • Learn about specific family strengths, goals, and needs through the Family Partnership Process and from daily interactions with families.