Family Economic Mobility Toolkit

Phase 5: Follow-up and Review

The follow-up and review phase creates an opportunity for you and the family to look more closely together at the specific progress they have made. Family partnership services, 45 CFR §1302.52(c)(3) requires programs to “establish and implement a family partnership agreement process that is jointly developed and shared with parents in which staff and families to review individual progress, revise goals, evaluate and track whether identified needs and goals are met, and adjust strategies on an ongoing basis, as necessary.” Family economic mobility progress looks different for each family and may not always look like what you would expect. This step helps you revisit the initial goal to determine whether you are on track or want to make adjustments.

Checking in, Reevaluating, and Adjusting Goals

When supporting a family with economic mobility goals, situations can change quickly. If a family’s financial or employment situation changes in a way that changes their needs, it is important to discuss how their goal might change. For example, if a family member is pursuing higher education while their partner works to support the family and the partner experiences a job loss, the family’s goals may need to be adjusted to fit the situation.

Revisit goals often and make changes as needed.

Goal-setting and progress is an ongoing journey. As situations change, goals should be discussed and adjusted to fit the family’s needs and priorities.

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  • “Last time we met, we discussed your goal of saving $300 before the end of this year for an emergency fund. Does that goal still feel like the right one to focus on today?”
  • “Does this goal still feel achievable? Would you like to make any changes?”

Continuing communication between staff and families is essential to effective follow-up and review. The strategies of listening and demonstrating respect for families’ values, culture, and background can continue to contribute to building the positive relationships that are central to effective partnerships.

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