Family Economic Mobility Toolkit

The Role of FEM in the Head Start Program

Family economic mobility is part of the Head Start origin story, and is an essential part of the Head Start mission.[20] The Head Start program was developed as a two-generation program in the 1960s and continues to support child and family outcomes across the nation.

Family economic mobility is a core aspect of Family Well-being, one of the seven Family Outcomes in the PFCE Framework.

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Research on the Importance of Family Economic Mobility

Many families may experience periods of economic stress or strain. By supporting families' economic well-being and mobility staff can help them strengthen their children's development. Family stability can improve with access to basic needs, reduced stress, and better educational opportunities. Increasing and stabilizing income has been linked with:

  • Improved parental mental[21] and physical health[22]
  • Improved educational outcomes for children[23]
  • Improved child health[24]
  • Improved longer terms outcomes for children, such greater earnings[25], health[26], and lower crime[27]

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