Family Economic Mobility Toolkit

Starting a Business

Families whose current or future goals involve running their own business may need help finding resources to develop a plan to start one. Staff can support families in learning what it really means to be an entrepreneur and what sort of due diligence they need to do before launching a business.

Ideas for Action

1. Identify local entrepreneurship programs.

Resources vary by location, but there are many organizations that support people in starting their own business. Staff can help families identify and contact organizations in their area.

Resources for families icon.Resources for Families

2. Explore local rules and regulations for new businesses.

Staff can help families navigate the local process for starting a business, and help them prepare for any appointments or applications.

3. Make a business plan.

Staff can help families find resources to guide them through the process of starting a business.

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Start the Conversation

  • “What steps do you need to take to launch your business?”
  • “What resources do you need?”

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