Family Economic Mobility Toolkit

Step 6: Determine Support

Support is the help and assistance needed to achieve a goal. Everyone needs support to make progress toward their goals.

Families can receive support from friends and families, church communities, cultural organizations, neighborhood connections, Head Start staff, and family support agencies — such as health centers, social services, and schools. Each family's situation is unique, and families may need very different types of support even if their situations appear similar.

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Sample Scenarios

Explore the scenarios below for real-world examples of how to determine support.

Scenario 1: A family wants to open a bank account but they are migrant workers and move frequently.

Opportunity: The family is interested in opening a bank account, but is concerned how their immigration status might affect setting it up. They move frequently and don’t have a permanent address. The family and staff can work together to understand the family’s options. The family might identify an online bank or a multi-branch bank that they could access from many locations. Staff might recommend setting up an appointment with the bank to discuss what address the family should use (if necessary) to set up an account.

Scenario 2: A family wants to enroll in a training program but the hours conflict with their child’s drop-off time.

Opportunity: The family is ready to enroll in the program but knows that they will not be at the training on time because they need to get their child to school. The family and staff can review options together. The family might identify a friend with a flexible schedule who might be able to help out a few times a week. The family is close with another parent in the same classroom who lives nearby and may be able to help with pick up. Staff might recommend a community organization that offers vouchers for short-term transportation needs. Together the family and staff can put together a short-term plan to meet the family’s needs and ensure they can take the step of enrolling in the training program.