Family Economic Mobility Toolkit

Talking About Money

Many families may feel stressed by their financial situations, and they might not know where to go for help. Head Start staff are in a unique position to provide that support. You can learn about family goals, strengths, and needs through the Family Partnership Process and from daily interactions with families. Financial conversations can be comfortable for some staff and families and uncomfortable for others. You can prepare for conversations about family economic mobility with families by practicing the strategies described in this chapter.

Your Money, Your Goals Financial Empowerment Self-assessment

The Financial Empowerment Self-assessment, from a “Your Money Your Goals” toolkit prepared by the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, helps you take a look at your own feelings, knowledge, and confidence associated with financial topics. Consider taking the assessment to support your journey toward feeling comfortable supporting families with their family economic mobility goals.


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Reminders for Talking About Money

  • We’re all on a journey to economic well-being! You may share some of the same goals that families have, so use the information and tools in the toolkit as an opportunity to learn and explore together.
  • Use what you learn in the Family Partnership Process to connect with families on their strengths, goals, and needs.
  • Bring an equity mindset to family economic mobility conversations.