Family Economic Mobility Toolkit

Tips for Using the FEM Toolkit

The Family Economic Mobility (FEM) Toolkit shares information, ideas, inspiration, and hands-on resources to help Head Start staff partner with families on their journeys toward economic mobility across a variety of situations.

Section Overview and Purpose

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Tips for Using the FEM Toolkit

Learn more about the structure of the Toolkit, and get tips on where to start based on your role, where you are, and what you want to accomplish.

Introduction to Family Economic Mobility

Learn about what family economic mobility means, consider your role and mindset in supporting families, and get tips on talking about money with families.

Family Economic Mobility and the Family Partnership Process

Explore how discussing and pursuing economic mobility can be seamlessly integrated into the phases of the family partnership process. Learn about assessing, communicating, and goal-setting.

Family Economic Mobility Goal Areas

Learn about goal areas like income, spending, saving, credit, career planning, and more. Get resources to help families work toward their goals.

Family Economic Mobility Program Planning for Directors and Managers

Understand how family economic mobility is aligned with the Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Framework and Head Start Program Performance Standards. Get tips for building staff capacity, and tools for developing and evaluating program goals.

Look for Icons to Find the Resources You Need

Throughout the Toolkit, you will find a variety of information and resources focused on specific types of support you may want, as well as resources you may want to share — training to tools, conversation starters, real family stories, and more.

Look for these icons next to materials to help easily determine the purpose of a resource.

Ideas for action icon.

Ideas for Action

Learn from examples and models that help build skills and improve interactions.

Explore action steps families can take, along with tools to build your knowledge or to share as you work alongside families.

Conversation icon.

Conversation Cues

Get tips for family conversations.

Discover ideas for building stronger relationships with families by using these suggestions to start productive conversations.

Inspiration icon.


Explore stories from other programs that offer insights.

Hear from other programs about their approach to family economic mobility through community partnerships, program planning, and collaborations with families.

Reminders icon.


Get quick reminders of what’s important.

Find these handy reminders throughout the Toolkit about approaches and practices that can help you partner successfully with families in making progress toward their goals.

Resources for families icon.

Resources for Families

Find tools you can share and use with families right now.

Get links to interactive worksheets, learning resources, and more that you can share with families to support learning, reflection, and goal-setting.

Learn more icon.

Learn More with These Resources

Dive deeper into a topic you’re interested in.

Get links to additional information about specific Head Start practices, goal topics, and more.