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Monitoring Review Reports

Monitoring review reports summarize the results of on-site reviews that assess grantee compliance with requirements governing Head Start programs. This includes those regulations specified in the Head Start Act and all applicable Performance Standards.

The Office of Head Start (OHS) also delivers Reports to Congress that summarize the monitoring findings at a national level.

Explore the types of review that result in a formal report to the grantee:

Environmental Health and Safety Review Report

This review, which is new in 2015, assesses Head Start grantee performance in implementing and promoting healthy practices and routines, as well as providing safe and supportive environments in which children can learn and grow. It also determines the safety of physical environments, staff supervision, and transportation services provided by the program. By monitoring environmental health and safety, OHS strives to ensure that Head Start programs are supporting children's health and development through safe learning environments.

Triennial Review

A full review assesses grantee compliance with all program areas.

CLASS® Review

The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS®) is an observation instrument that assesses the quality of teacher-child interactions in center-based preschool classrooms. It is used as part of the triennial review process, among other things. Read more about the use of CLASS® in Head Start.

National statistics are available on the use of CLASS®.

First Year Review

A review of each newly designated Head Start agency immediately after the completion of the program's first year.

Follow-up Review

A review of programs with significant areas of noncompliance, as well as return visits to Head Start agencies with one or more findings or deficiencies.

Head Start Key Indicators-Compliant (HSKI-C) Review

The Head Start Key Indicators-Compliant (HSKI-C) review report informs grantees of their eligibility for either differential monitoring or comprehensive monitoring. Grantees that qualify for differential monitoring receive a smaller number of reviews during their five year grant period. These typically include an Environmental Health & Safety (EnvHS) Review and a CLASS® Review for Head Start programs. Early Head Start programs receive the Environmental Health & Safety Review and the School Readiness and Comprehensive services review. Grantees that do not qualify for the HSKI-C or that are not successful with the HSKI-C Review will receive comprehensive monitoring, which includes Fiscal Integrity, ERSEA, Comprehensive Services and School Readiness, and Leadership, Governance, and Management Systems Reviews.

Fiscal Integrity/ERSEA Review Review

The Fiscal Integrity/ERSEA Review Report describes Head Start grantee compliance with Head Start fiscal requirements, with federal cost principle requirements, and with Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance (ERSEA) requirements. The fiscal integrity review helps OHS to ensure programs have sound internal controls, strong reporting systems, and use federal funds for intended purposes. The ERSEA review assesses a program's practices for verifying the eligibility status of children, families, and pregnant women receiving the program's services and for ensuring the appropriate enrollment of children into the program. It also assesses program practices supporting children's attendance.

Other Reviews

Additional reviews may be initiated if issues with a grantee's performance are brought to the attention of OHS. They are conducted on an as-needed basis and focus on the issue identified as a concern.

Program Service Reports provide national- and grantee-level information on reported demographics, services, and federal monitoring of Head Start and Early Head Start programs.

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