Fiscal Management

Foster Grandparent Program

The Foster Grandparent Program provides grants to qualified agencies and organizations for two purposes. First to engage persons 60 and older, particularly those with limited incomes, in volunteer service and then to provide a high quality experience that will enrich the lives of the volunteers. Grantees may consider this program to assist them with meeting their 20 percent matching share. Program funds are used to support volunteers in providing supportive, person-to-person service to children with exceptional or special needs.

Section Contents

Subpart A—General

Subpart B—Eligibility and Responsibilities of a Sponsor

Subpart C—Suspension and Termination of Corporation Assistance

Subpart D—Foster Grandparent Eligibility, Status and Cost Reimbursements

Subpart E—Foster Grandparent Terms of Service

Subpart F—Responsibilities of a Volunteer Station

Subpart G—Foster Grandparent Placements and Assignments

Subpart H—Children Served

Subpart I—Application and Fiscal Requirements

Subpart J—Non-Stipended Foster Grandparents

Subpart K—Non-Corporation Funded Foster Grandparent Program Projects

Subpart L—Restrictions and Legal Representation