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Tracking Your Grant Application Package: What to Expect After Submission

This guide explains the grant tracking process in full, from submission to obtaining an agency assigned tracking number. Grantees who are in the process of submitting their grant application package may find this information helpful.


This document explains what will occur after the submission of a grant application package. When you submit a grant application package to, you will receive a confirmation screen as well as up to four emails from

          1. Submission Receipt

          2. Submission Validation (or Rejection with Errors)

          3. Agency Retrieval

         4. Agency Specific Tracking Number Assignment (only if grantor agency assigns tracking number)

In addition the grantor may issue a tracking number (Agency Specific Tracking Number) to use while tracking your submitted application package in their external system. If your application package is assigned an agency specific tracking number, you will receive an additional email notification directly from the grantor. All email notifications will occur over a period of two business days.


CONFIRMATION: Submission Confirmation Screen 

After you submit your grant application package, a confirmation screen will appear on your computer screen. This screen confirms that you have submitted an application to Over the next two business days you will receive three to four emails from to inform you of your application processing status. 

Example Confirmation Screen

NOTIFICATION 1: Submission Receipt Email 

Within two business days after your application package has been received by the system, you will receive a submission receipt email which indicates that your submission has entered the system and is ready for validation. 

NOTIFICATION 2: Submission Validation Receipt Email 

After you receive the submission receipt email, the next email you will receive will be a message validating or rejecting your submitted application package with errors. The system is designed to check for technical errors within the submitted application package. does not review application content for award determination.

Example Submission Validation Receipt Email

NOTIFICATION 3: Grantor Agency Retrieval Email 

Once your application package has passed validation it is delivered to the grantor for award determination and further approval. After the grantor has confirmed receipt of your application, you will be sent a third and final email from The grantor may also assign your application package an agency specific tracking number for use within their internal system.

Example Grantor Agency Retrieval Email TR 

Example Grantor Agency Retrieval Email TR

NOTIFICATION 4: Agency Assigned Tracking Number 

If a grantor agency specific tracking number is assigned to your application package, you will receive an email from indicating that an agency specific tracking number has been assigned to your application package. The agency specific tracking number is not included in this email. The grantor agency will send you an email containing their tracking number. This tracking number can only be used to track your application package within the grantor agency’s system.

Please note: To track your application within the system you must use the tracking number assigned to you by (the tracking number is sent in the submission receipt email).

Email Agency Assigned Tracking Number