Fiscal Management

Fiscal Management

Fiscal management is one of the 10 Head Start management systems. It is key to operating an effective and high-quality Head Start or Early Head Start program. This Management Matters presentation uses interactive activities and supporting materials to focus on practical steps for building and strengthening the partnership between program and fiscal leaders. In our work with Head Start programs, we've observed that the strongest programs embrace these three key practices:

  • Program and fiscal staff work closely together to plan and make decisions.
  • They understand the purpose, or "why," behind each other's regulations and don't just focus on the "what" and "how" of compliance.
  • They use precise language when working together and with others to ensure a complete understanding of issues.

Before viewing the presentation, you may want to print the Fiscal Organizational Scan for New Directors to review during that portion of the interactive module. You can also download and print the I Get Your Drift: I Speak Program, I Speak Fiscal Game to use with colleagues.


Jeanie Mills
Senior Training and Technical Assistance Associate
National Center on Program Management and Fiscal Operations