Health Services Management

Head Start Health Services Competencies Modules

Explore these modules to learn more about health and leadership competencies. The competencies can help Head Start health staff deliver comprehensive services. Staff can use these modules to develop and strengthen the attitudes, knowledge, and skills they need to effectively support the health, safety, and wellness of young children and their families.

Fundamental Values, Knowledge, and Skills to Manage Health Services

To manage health services effectively, leaders should understand how health influences school readiness and how their own beliefs may affect their interactions with others in their Head Start program. This module will prepare those who manage health services to reflect on their own understanding of health and wellness, and to consider how to use requirements and regulations to identify important health practices to implement and model for others.

Principles of Health and Wellness

Understanding the general principles of health and wellness promotion, prevention, early identification, and intervention will help leaders and staff implement effective health services. Explore this module to learn more about how health services can contribute to healthier children, families, and staff.

Strengthening Protective Factors to Reduce Health Disparities and Promote Resilience

An individual’s or group’s personal attributes, socio-economic status, and environment all contribute to their ability to achieve good health. Explore this module to learn how to help children and families identify and use their own strengths to reduce factors that lead to poor health.

Culturally, Linguistically, and Developmentally Appropriate Health Education for Children, Families, and Staff

Health education requires knowing what information is important, providing information in a way that others can understand, and ensuring the information is culturally and linguistically responsive. Explore this module to learn how to provide children, staff, and families with health education that will empower them to make good health choices.

How to Find Science-Informed and Evidence-Based Health Information

Families and other staff members look to health services staff for health information they can trust. Use this module to learn how to find and use current, accurate, and consistent health information to support the health and safety of children and develop evidence-informed program policies and procedures.

Last Updated: October 8, 2019