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Health Manager's Orientation Guide

Health Manager Orientation Guide Module

The Health Manager Orientation Guide learning module aims to support new health managers through interactive learning opportunities. There are three major target areas: Tracking, Ongoing Monitoring, and Developing Policies and Procedures. The module will be useful to health managers looking to learn specific skills aligned to their role and competencies. Find resources to determine if there are children with a need that are being untreated.

Introduction: Welcome to Head Start Health Services Management

Whether you are new to Head Start, are new to the role of health manager, or have been a health manager for a while, this guide was developed to be a resource tool for you. This section provides a brief overview of Head Start health management. It also looks at the important role Head Start plays in fostering a culture of health and wellness for Head Start children, families, and staff. Note: This resource is under review.
Selected Resources:

Getting to Know Who Is Part of Your Health Services Team and Their Roles (HMOG Chapter 1)

Get to know the staff health managers work with and what their roles are in your program. This resource also includes information about the Health Services Advisory Committee (HSAC). Note: This resource is under review.
Selected Resources:

The Foundation of Successful Health Services (HMOG Chapter 2)

This chapter explores the foundations of Head Start as outlined in the Head Start Program Performance Standards (HSPPS). Note: This resource is under review.
Selected Resources:

Health Topic Self-Reflection Checklists (HMOG Chapter 3)

Find out how checklists can help to determine what you need to do, what you need to know, and what you need to find out as a health manager. You will discover how what you do fits into the larger picture of Head Start and the systems in place to support you. Note: This resource is under review.
Selected Resources:

Health Topics: Delving Deeper (HMOG Chapter 4)

This section offers more in-depth knowledge of the health-related HSPPSs. It covers seven different health priority areas. Note: This resource is under review.
Selected Resources:

Key Tasks for Delivering Health Services and Ways to Get You Started (HMOG Chapter 5)

Learn how to use the results from your health topic self-reflection checklists, as well as what you learned from the Health Topics: Delving Deeper chapter.
Selected Resources:

Next Steps: Continuing to Grow as a Health Manager (HMOG Chapter 6)

Discover best practices that can help you continue to grow and learn as a health manager.
Selected Resources:

Appendices (HMOG)

Find more tools and resources available to assist you. Be sure to review the glossary of terms to become familiar with many of the terms used throughout the Health Manager's Orientation Guide. Note: This resource is under review.

Last Updated: February 8, 2019