Caring for Our Children Basics

Contents of Child Records

Programs should maintain a confidential file for each child in one central location on-site and should be immediately available to the child's caregivers/teachers (who should have parental/guardian consent for access to records), the child's parents/guardians, and the licensing authority upon request. The file for each child should include the following:

  1. Pre-admission enrollment information;
  2. Admission agreement signed by the parent/guardian at enrollment;
  3. Initial and updated health care assessments, completed and signed by the child's primary care provider, based on the child's most recent well care visit;
  4. Health history completed by the parent/guardian at admission;
  5. Medication record;
  6. Authorization form for emergency medical care;
  7. Results of developmental and behavioral screenings;
  8. Record of persons authorized to pick up child;
  9. Written informed consent forms signed by the parent/guardian allowing the facility to share the child's health records with other service providers.

Last Updated: February 8, 2019