Health Manager Orientation Guide

Sharing Information About Infection Control

Programs can train staff on the exclusion policy, how to do a daily health check, how to document the daily health check, and how to communicate with families and children about illness and infection control.

Tips and Strategies for Training Staff

  • Consider role-play exercises at a staff meeting on the daily health check.
  • Have a training on how to apply your program’s exclusion policies fairly and consistently.

Resources for Staff Professional Development

Collaborating with Families

Collaborate with families by taking these steps:

  • Share information with families on how they can reduce the risk of spreading infectious illnesses and  how to monitor children for signs of infections or illnesses.
  • Help families get health care services, including vaccinations.
  • Make sure the resources and materials you share with families are in plain language.
  • Translate information into the preferred languages of families in your program.
  • Make information accessible to people with disabilities.