Front Porch Series Rebroadcast: Science in the Classroom: Why and How This Can Be a Teacher’s Best Friend

Science is a Head Start school readiness domain, but is often hard to see in action in classrooms. When surveyed, teachers report two challenges to focusing on science: Needing to enhance their skills to teach science and scheduling an appropriate amount of time for children to engage in scientific exploration, given all the readiness areas that need to be covered. In this Front Porch webinar, first aired in 2013, Dr. Greenfield discusses these challenges and how science can help teachers increase scores on the CLASS™ "instructional support" domain, while covering and improving multiple areas of school readiness for children.  While watching the rebroadcast, participants will be able to chat live with NCECDTL experts to ask questions and share their experiences with science in the classroom. 


Topics for the Webinar include:

· Discussion of CLASS domains, with an emphasis on the components of Instructional Support

· Research on children’s learning through exploration and questioning behaviors

· Strategies for improving Instructional Support through science activities in preschool classrooms

May 4, 2017 3 p.m ET - 4 p.m ET



Hosted by National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching, and Learning

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