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The Office of Head Start (OHS) posts funding opportunity announcement (FOAs) to solicit applications for grant funds to specific service areas, or a national competition. Find out more about Understanding Funding Opportunity Announcements, and How to Write a Strong Application on the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) Grants page.

The map below identifies service area specific funding opportunities. Select a service area to view related documents, including the grantee profile, grantee inventory, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) if available.

The American Indian and Alaska Native Early Head Start Expansion FOA is a national opportunity that does not appear on the map below. There are no grantee profiles and grantee inventories available for service areas currently providing American Indian and Alaska Native Early Head Start services. The FAQs for this funding opportunity are available within the FAQ portion of the Grants Toolkit.


Enter a county or state in the search box. Select a county or city to view details about the FOA.

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The city marker Google Maps marker icon for Funding Opportunity Announcment cities indicates information about a EHS is available in this city.

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The Grantee Profile presents additional, detailed information about the existing services delivered in the community.This information is provided to promote a general understanding of current services and program assets. Organizations applying for funding to operate Head Start and/or Early Head Start program(s) in the service area are encouraged to submit proposals which demonstrate high-quality services and are not required to adopt the same service model currently utilized in the service area.

The Inventory lists current assets, equipment, materials, and supplies available at the Head Start and/or Early Head Start program. This information can be useful in assessing the needs of the facility and formulating an adequate budget. It is anticipated that program assets purchased with Federal funds will remain available for use in the service area, but the actual amount, condition, number and type of assets subject to transfer cannot be determined until a final award is made.

A community meeting to discuss Head Start, partnership opportunities, and an overview of the Head Start competitive application process. Community-minded organizations committed to early childhood education, child care, youth development, health promotion, family support services, kith and kin care, and community development should attend.

The following provides answers to questions raised in the Michigan Community Meeting about the funding opportunity announcement.

Last Reviewed: June 2016

Last Updated: April 24, 2017