Tulsa Educare, Tulsa, OK

Tulsa Educare, Inc. serves a very diverse population across our three schools in the city of Tulsa, OK. We have sought to integrate local culture into our practice in a holistic and individualized way.

Avoyelles Child Development Services (ACDS), Inc., Moreauville, LA

ACDS, Inc. recognizes that culture isn't just a list of holidays or shared recipes, religious traditions, or language; it is a lived experience unique to each individual. As educators, it's our job to stimulate the intellectual development of children, including multicultural experiences.

Community Services Office (CSO), Hot Springs, AR

CSO Head Start has a yearly training for all employees on cultural sensitivity that includes a brief class on Spanish phrases that are useful to the staff. The community relations coordinator brings in programs from different cultures to share with the children and make them feel more at home.

Josefina Ramos

"I am proud to be a Heart employee and continue the legacy of knowledge Head Start planted on me." Josefina Ramos, former Head Start parent and current family support specialist, Phoenix, AZ

Annette Holliday Fulton Cornish

"I found it a pleasure to work in Head Start. I learned as the students learned. The job provided me with my first experience in developing and using leadership skills with others." Annette Holliday Fulton Cornish, retired Head Start teacher, director, and administrator, New Castle, DE

Steve "Gary" Liwanag

"I am proud to be a part of our children's education. I will continue to strive in providing the best care for our young children." Steve "Gary" Liwanag, San Luis Obispo, CA

Melvena Wilkerson

"As a parent volunteer, I have acquired more professional skills than I have gained at any job." Melvena Wilkerson, former Head Start parent, Detroit, MI

Corina Spence

"I truly believe all partnerships are important, but the one we have with our families is the one that will have a lasting positive effect on our community." Corina Spence, onsite Head Start manager, Moab, UT

Myrna Martorell

"I strongly believe that Head Start does make a positive impact on families—forever." Myrna Martorell, disabilities coordinator, Bronx, NY

Head Start Community Program of Morris County

"Local businesses, corporations, churches, municipalities, school groups, and neighbors are recruited for community engagement by our tireless social services staff." Head Start Community Program of Morris County, Inc., NJ

Richfield Public Library

"We have contributed over 1,000 books that have gone directly to Head Start families so that kids can own their own books and keep them at home." — Richfield Public Library, Richfield, UT

United Community Action Program

"It was a worthwhile experience for them and for us, as we refer our parents to these community organizations." — Mary Gilford, family and community engagement manager, United Community Action Program, Inc., Pawnee, OK

Last Updated: March 22, 2017