Staff Are the Heart of Head Start

Staff bring the Head Start mission to life. It is our staff who turn the four walls of each center into an environment where inspiration thrives. Each day, staff mold young minds and teach families to fan the ember of inquisitiveness into a flame of lifelong learning. For children and families, their relationships with Head Start staff can forever change the course of their lives.

Staff are the Heart of Head Start

Staff Are the Heart of Head Start

From the very beginning, one of the smartest things the architects of Head Start did was to look to the community to employ the staff working with enrolled families and children. See how professional development opportunities offer staff the chance to build in time for reflective supervision, giving them more confidence in their work with children and families.

Head Start Staff Serve as a Lifeline for Families and Communities

Read this blog from Angie Godfrey to learn how Head Start staff have influenced the lives of the families and children they serve.

Head Start Professionalized the Early Childhood Education Workforce

In this blog post, Sarah Merrill looks at the role of Head Start in early childhood professional development. Learn how the child development associate (CDA) program was created and its impact on programs, staff, and children.

Supporting Head Start Teachers through Professional Development

Staff development efforts are key to the ongoing support of staff. In this blog post, Jamie Sheehan explores how programs have evolved and become more effective in supporting staff.

Ann Sullivan

"When I found out that I will now be trained as a Head Start teacher, I was overjoyed!"

Meet Fran Majestic

Meet Fran Majestic

Hear our director of Program Operations share her path through Head Start, from an involved parent in a local program to the Central Office.

Learning Journey of a Lifetime

Learning Journey of a Lifetime

Listen as Fran Majestic, director of Program Operations, shares how her relationships with her home visitor and other mentors helped launch a life journey of personal and professional development.

Last Updated: March 22, 2017