Head Start Programs Celebrating Comprehensive Services

As Head Start programs, you can celebrate your comprehensive services. Consider the following:

  • Create a Brochure [DOC, 1.8MB]
  • Download the Head Start Blocks
  • Volunteers are essential to the Head Start family. Download a Volunteer Certificate [PDF, 81KB]
  • Download a Child Participation Certificate [PDF, 354KB]
  • Contact your local paper to highlight the positive impacts of comprehensive services such as how many children received health or dental exams
  • Issue a press release to thank community partners who help you provide comprehensive services
  • Focus on the breadth of services in your parent newsletter or social media channels
  • Organize 15 minutes during your staff meeting to share the history of comprehensive services in your organization or celebrate the contributions of staff who work with community partners to ensure comprehensive services
  • Organize 15 minutes during your parent or staff meeting to discuss how comprehensive services promote happy, healthy, and successful children
  • Collect testimonials from parents in an either "Ask a Parent!" or "Share Your Story" campaign and highlight the testimonials in program newsletter
    • Possible Questions to Ask Parents about Services:
      • How long has your family been involved in Head Start?
      • How would you describe the atmosphere at the program and the staff you work/ed with? 
      • Has Head Start helped your family access services in your community?  If so, what services?
      • Did you find those services helpful?
      • What is the main thing you would want other parents to know about Head Start services?

Learn about the services that Head Start has to offer children and their families. Share the infographic with people interested in the program.

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Last Reviewed: April 2016

Last Updated: March 22, 2017