Antonio and His
Infant / Toddler Teacher

Twenty-month-old Antonio finishes his snack. He looks up at his teacher and shows her the sign for "all done" while he says, "Ah-do." His teacher, Miss Marisa, says, "Oh, you are all done with your snack? What do we do next?" Antonio gets up from the table, puts his bib in the laundry basket, and walks over to the child-sized sink. "Wa?" he asks, as he looks up at Miss Marisa, waiting for her to turn on the water for him.

This teacher is helping Antonio internalize routines, an important part of healthy social emotional development. Additionally, Antonio is showing his expressive language by signing all done; and important health habits like washing his hands. To learn more about SR resources for infant/toddler teachers, click here!

Last Reviewed: June 2014

Last Updated: August 28, 2014