Beyond the
Itsy Bitsy

This is a story that shows how two teachers of children of different ages use appropriate strategies to learn about the interest and developmental levels of the individual children in their classes.

In this story we show how two teachers develop learning goals for children that are aligned with their program's school readiness goals [PDF, 151KB] and their state's early learning standards.

The teachers plan meaningful learning activities that are informed by research-based curriculum. They also use and discuss multiple assessment methods to document children's learning, understand children's needs, and make adjustments to their teaching.

The information the teachers collect is combined with data from other classrooms to reveal patterns of progress for all children in the program and to support program improvement efforts.

See how Paige and Michelle build on children's interests to support children's learning goals that align with their program's school readiness goals and state early learning standards. Read more... [PDF, 304KB]

Last Reviewed: June 2014

Last Updated: August 28, 2014