Leading A
Successful Team

Family Services Manager Leadership

Ahead of every successful team, there is a strong leader! As a Family Services Manager you set the stage for staff that are at the forefront of the work programs do with families. From the early days of recruitment and enrollment to the time when families transition to other programs and kindergarten, you support staff as they build and sustain relationships with families. Relationships lead to partnerships that will promote family growth and positive parent-child relationships [PDF, 506KB], critical for the child’s life-long learning and well-being. Your guidance gives staff the tools they need to walk with families on their journeys every step of the way.

From the Beginning: Recruitment and Enrollment

Your strengths-based leadership fosters a collaborative approach to family engagement and relationship building. As you highlight the value of building positive relationships with families, within the organization, and with community partners, you set the tone for the whole year. When families are successfully enrolled and goals are set, your positive approach encourages staff to do their best and makes it safe to explore new challenges going forward.

Staff and Family Progress: Program Year

As a leader, you are a role model for the efforts towards relationship-building, working collaboratively, and problem solving. Your consistent messages about the links between positive staff and family relationships and school readiness remind staff of the crucial role they play in the healthy development and success of children. Your approach to using data supports your commitment to continuous improvement, optimal progress, and better outcomes for children and families. You are also an important bridge with community agencies and continue to foster the respectful and productive relationships that can make a difference for families.

The Journey Continues: Transitions to Programs and Kindergarten

You and your staff play a vital role as families transition to their next program or school experience. The partnerships that staff have developed with families will give children and families the extra support they need to navigate a new system and experience this new chapter. The transition to kindergarten [PDF, 1.3MB] can be especially meaningful and bring mixed emotions. Families may need support more than ever and will rely on the positive relationships they have with staff to feel nurtured during this important time.

Last Updated: October 17, 2014