A Home Visitor Reflects on
with Infants

Four-month-old Giovanni sits nestled in his father's arms while his dad, Eduardo, pages through a board book. Eduardo reads to his son each night before he goes to bed, even at this young age. Giovanni's mother, Christina, sits nearby and quietly watches. She loves how cozy they look and notes that Eduardo is helping Giovanni focus his attention on the book by pointing to each picture. With a calm, quiet voice, Eduardo speaks in their home language about the pictures in the book, and when Giovanni makes a sound or gesture, Eduardo answers as though it were part of a conversation about the book. Marco, the home visitor watches this interaction and marvels at all that is happening. Later he shares his observations with Eduardo and describes all the ways he is helping his child get ready for school by this consistent routine of reading stories together.

Eduardo is helping his son get ready for school. Even though Giovanni is only 4 months he is already showing some early language and literacy skills, he follows his father's finger and looks at the picture, he hears his home language and responds to the sounds in his environment in a conversational way, and he is experiencing a consistent, warm, responsive relationship and developing a secure attachment with his father. Read more about school readiness for infants and toddlers in a home-based setting home.

Last Reviewed: June 2014

Last Updated: August 28, 2014