American Indian and Alaska Native Education Manager Webinar Series

The American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) Education Manager Webinar Series presents topics on leadership development that are focused on supporting quality teaching and learning. Start watching to learn more about resiliency, individualized teaching, and using data.

May 15, 2014 - NCQTL Resources for Early Learning Professional Development
Vanessa Maanao-French, NCQTL

Explore this webinar to get an overview of NCQTL resources. They are designed to help Head Start teaching staff with training and professional development. Learn more about school readiness, CLASS®, teacher development, and kindergarten transition.

Apr. 17, 2014 - Putting the Child Back into Teacher-Child Interactions: CLASS as a Data Source
Vanessa Maanao-French, NCQTL

Learn strategies to improve the quality of instructional interactions. These include exploring the connections between Instructional Support (IS), Regard for Student Perspectives (RSP), and Instructional Learning Formats (ILF). Also, find professional development resources to help improve teacher interactions with children.

Mar. 20, 2014 - Math and the Preschool Child: High Five Mathematize
Vanessa Maanao-French, NCQTL

Early math is critical! This webinar describes how to help teachers bring out the math in children’s everyday activities. It also reviews resources and tools for supervisors to support teaching staff in how to "mathematize" in four areas: numbers and operations, geometry and spatial sense, patterns, and measurement.

Feb. 20, 2014 - Instructional Interactions: Motivating Teachers
Terri Waldrop, NCQTL

How can you get teachers excited about the benefits of adopting new teaching practices that may stretch their abilities? This webinar shares ways to use the Instructional Interactions in-service suites with teachers. It also includes ways to motivate them to extend children’s learning in the classroom.

Jan. 16, 2014 - Bringing Science into the Classroom
Vanessa Maanao-French, NCQTL

Children are born curious about the world around them; they are natural scientists. But for many teachers, understanding how to engage children in scientific inquiry requires more experience and ongoing practice. This webinar focuses on using the scientific method to support children’s cognitive and language development, and discusses how education managers can support teachers to infuse science throughout the day.

Nov. 21, 2013 - Doing Both! Teaching Your Culture and Language and Meeting School Readiness and Head Start Requirements
Marjory Keenan and Joanne Knapp-Philo, NCCLR

Cultural skills, values, and beliefs are an important part of who we are. This webinar offers a model for teaching children tradition and culture while meeting school readiness and Head Start requirements. Specific strategies for infusing culture throughout the curriculum are discussed.

Oct. 17, 2013 - Individualization: Strategies for Teaching Children with Special Needs
Kristin Ainslie, NCQTL

Learn how to evaluate the needs and strengths of each child and provide them with individualized support. This webinar provides teachers strategies for providing individualized support, and action plans for when and what to teach.

Sep. 19, 2013 - Unpacking Your NCQTL In-service Suite Box Set
Vanessa Maanao-French, NCQTL

Use the hands-on activities in this webinar to "unpack" the NCQTL in-service suite box set. An orientation to key resources and AIAN supplemental materials also are provided.

Aug. 22–23, 2013 - How to Use Excel to Manage Data to Improve Teaching and Learning
Vanessa Maanao-French, NCQTL

Watch this webinar to explore how Excel 2007/2010 can be used as a powerful tool. Learn how to use the software to forecast, manage, predict, and display information. Get step-by-step instructions on creating spreadsheets using basic formulas.

May 23–24, 2013 - Promoting Resilience in Children, Families, Staff, and You!
Vanessa Maanao-French, NCQTL

Resilient people of all ages are better able to cope with stress, adversity, and change. This webinar focuses on the concept of resiliency. It offers practical ways to promote resilience in children, families, and staff.

Apr. 25–26, 2013 - School Readiness: Supporting the Transition from Head Start to Kindergarten
Cecilia Robinson, CJ Robinson & Associates

The underlying goal of school readiness in Head Start is successful transition to kindergarten. The purposeful coordination between Head Start classroom and elementary school settings can expand the gains that children have made in the program. View this webinar for a framework to guide you in the creation of a successful transition process for your program.

Mar. 21–22, 2013 - Using Data to Improve Teacher and Child Interactions
Cecilia Robinson, CJ Robinson & Associates

This webinar provides strategies for program leaders and education managers to help improve teacher-child interactions. Viewers will explore how to compile, disaggregate, and share CLASS™ data.

Feb. 21–22, 2013 - Supporting Children with Challenging Behavior
Vanessa Maanao-French & Sher’ee Maxwell, NCQTL

Head Start teachers often struggle to support children with challenging behavior in the classroom. This webinar will shift the focus from reaching to misbehavior to proactive planning for child’s success. This session offers strategies for teachers as well as free and accessible resources for supervisors.

Jan. 24–25, 2013 - Let’s Talk About Data! Leading Cultures of Inquiry
Vanessa Maanao-French & Sher’ee Maxwell, NCQTL

This webinar promotes meaningful data dialogues by keeping interactions real, learning-focused, and child-centered. It includes practical ideas to use data in meaningful dialogue, a three-step model to guide data-driven inquiry, and strategies for using child outcome information.

Dec. 13–14, 2012 - School Readiness Resources for You!
Vanessa Maanao-French and Sher'ee Maxwell, NCQTL

Watch this webinar to explore an orientation to NCQTL school readiness resources. They are designed to support your work on all four school readiness action steps for infants and toddlers.

Nov. 15–16, 2012 - The Supervisor’s Role in Building a Solid Foundation for Engaging Interactions
Vanessa Maanao-French & Sher’ee Maxwell, NCQTL

View this webinar to explore a framework for supervision and support of teaching staff. It provides examples that focus on helping promote preschool teachers’ use of effective classroom interactions. The process includes evaluation, analysis, and planning.

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Last Updated: January 6, 2017