Keynote Address: Myths & Realities about Dual Language Learning, Fred Genesee

There are many common myths that surround dual language learning. The Head Start community will learn of research findings on the myths and the implications of the research for dual language learners and their caregivers in Head Start and at home. Tips for creatinghealthy learning environmentsare also highlighted.

Keynote Address: Myths & Realities about Dual Language Learning Fred Genesee Professor of Psychology McGill University

Fred Genesee is Professor in the Psychology Department at McGill University in Montreal. He has served on the TESOL Board of Directors for seven years, including as president. He as been a member of the Executive Committee of AAAL, the ACTFL Foreign Language Standards Steering Committee, the TESOL ESL Committee on Performance and Assessment Standards, and National K-12 Foreign Language Resource Center. He consulted on second/foreign language and bilingual education in countries around the world. His research focuses on alternative forms of bilingual and immersion education, including language acquisition in preschool bilingual children, cross-language adopted children, and the language and academic development of students at-risk in bilingual programs. Dr. Genesee is the author and co-author of numerous professional and scientific research reports and books, including Beyond Bilingualism: Multilingualism and Multilingual Education and Dual Language Development and Disorders: A Handbook on Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition.

Materials for Keynote Address:
Myth & Realities about Dual Lanaguage Learning presentation [PDF, 3MB]

"Keynote Address: Myths & Realities about Dual Language Learning, Fred Genesee." Genesee, Fred. Dual Language Institute. HHS/ACF/OHS. October 28 - 31, 2008. English. [PDF, 3MB]

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