Other Content or Domain Areas: Research

This section offers research publications and conference presentations from leaders in the field.



Farver, JoAnn M.; Nakamoto, Jonathan; Lonigan, Christopher J. Assessing Preschoolers' Emergent Literacy Skills in English and Spanish with the Get Ready to Read Screening Tool. Annals of Dyslexia. v57. (December 2007): p161-178.

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Espinosa, Linda M. Keynote Address: Assessing Young English Learners Across Purposes and Domains -  Promises and Pitfalls. Dual Language Institute. Materials for Keynote Address [PDF, 615KB].

Hammer, Carol Scheffer. Keynote Address: Assessing Young Dual Language Learners - What You Need to Know and Why. Dual Language Institute. Materials for Keynote Address [PDF, 177KB].

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