Planning & Literacy Development: Multimedia

These audio and video resources highlight specific tools and strategies for teaching DLLs.


Audiocast: Biliteracy of Preschool Immigrant Mexican Children with Dr. Iliana Reyes. Voice of Literacy. 00:15:35.
Dr. Betsy Baker, professor of Literacy Studies at the University of Missouri, interviews the University of Arizona's Dr. Iliana Reyes, Assistant Professor of Bilingual and Second Language Acquisition. Dr. Reyes discusses the biliteracy of preschool immigrant Mexican children.

Audiocast: Early Literacy Development for English Language Learners - Episode 32 . IDRA. 00:18:23.
Jose L. Rodriguez, an early childhood expert at IDRA, describes the essential components of reading instruction outlined by the National Reading Panel and how they relate to young English language learners.

Audiocast: Early Literacy for English Learners with Dr. Theresa Roberts. Vioice of Literacy. 00:12:10.
Dr. Betsy Baker interviews Dr. Theresa Roberts about storybooks and early literacy for English learners.

Webcast: Language and Literacy Development. OHS. 00:08:23.
Language ability affects learning and development in all areas; skilled communicators have better social competence and school readiness. Head Start teachers and staff should strive to increase the quality and quantity of both children's receptive and expressive vocabulary. One way to do this is ensure that key concepts are mastered, so that once the English vocabulary is grasped, the child can apply the new language to concepts already understood. Head Start staff can attempt to learn key phrases in the home languages of their students as a resource to support the developing languages.

Webinar: Literacy Development for Children Who Are Dual Language Learners in Head Start and Early Head Start. OHS. 01:30:00.
The Webinar highlighted key concepts in emergent literacy and writing development of DLLs. It discussed instructional strategies and classroom environments. Video clips illustrated strategies for expanding language and literacy experiences of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers engaged with each other and with adults when using one or more languages.

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