Family Literacy: Supplementary Materials

Welcome to our supplementary materials section. This section highlights a variety of resources to promote literacy of families of DLLs. Head Start staff may find this information helpful.


While we do not endorse any of these resources, we value their information and find it useful for programs to know that they are available. These websites are constantly changing and adding new information to support teachers and parents of all children, including DLLs. Check back often to find new resources.

Resources for Parents

Colorín Colorado. AFT Toolkit for Teachers: Reaching Out to Hispanic Parents of English Language Learners.

Colorín Colorado. Books for Kids: Wordless Books.

Minnesota Humanities Center. Tips for Reading with Children.

The National Head Start Family Literacy Center. Home: Where Learning Begins! Family Literacy Training, Information, and Practical Strategies (TIPS). English and Spanish.

Office of Head Start (OHS). Community Resources for Adults Learning English.

Office of Head Start (OHS). Fun and Learning for Parents and Children: An Activities Handbook. 1992. English and Spanish.

Reading Rockets. Reading Tips for Parents of Preschoolers.

Tus Manos: DLL Reinforcing Classroom Concepts at Home. MSHS TAC-12 Newsletters. October 2008. English and Spanish.

Washington Learning Systems. Language is Key: Dialogic Reading.

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Family Literacy: Supplementary Materials. HHS/ACF/OHS. 2009. English.

Last Reviewed: October 2009

Last Updated: November 13, 2014