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These audio and video resources highlight specific tools and strategies for teaching DLLs.


Webcast: Head Start 101: Getting Started With Dual Language Learners in Head Start and Early Head Start. OHS. 01:00:00. 
Head Start 101 introduced new grantees to the essentials of Head Start systems and services that support DLLs and their families. The webcast highlighted exemplary practices in classrooms and in program policies. It also offered tips for supporting DLLs and their families at the start of the program year. Current grantees also benefited from reviewing and refreshing their knowledge and understanding of these essential practices.

Webcast: Building Liaisons with Latino Communities. The Southern Center for Communication, Health, and Poverty at UGA.
These videos offer information on Latino cultural groups, cultural competency and strategies for effective communication.

Webcast: Supporting Dual Language Learners Introduction. Office of Head Start. 00:11:14.
Dual language learners are children learning two or more languages at the same time, as well as those learning a second language while continuing to develop their first, or home, language.  The Dual Language Learner Institute seeks to provide the tools needed to effectively support and engage children as you ready them for school and for life by showing the important links between language development, social-emotional development, cognitive development, and school readiness. This webcast will be useful to any Head Start employee unable to attend the Dual Language Learner Institute. In the following videos, you will be introduced to the developmental areas  that can be enhanced through a better understanding of the various cultures and languages being served in the Head Start community, contributing to better school readiness.

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