Conferences and Trainings: Supplementary Materials

Welcome to our supplementary materials section. This section highlights a variety of resources on professional development practices for staff who work with Dual Language Learners (DLLs). All Head Start staff may find this information helpful. 


While we do not endorse any of these resources, we value their information and find it useful for programs to know that they are available. These websites are constantly changing and adding new information to support teachers and parents of all children, including DLLs. Check back often to find new resources.

Past Conferences/Presentations

ETS Conference. English-Language Learners Symposium. 2008.

Espinosa, Linda M. Keynote Address: Assessing Young English Learners Across Purposes and Domains -  Promises and Pitfalls. Dual Language Institute. Materials for Keynote Address [PDF, 615KB].

Genesee, Fred. Keynote Address: Myths and Realities about Dual Language Learning. Dual Language Institute. Materials for Keynote Address [PDF, 3.4MB].

Hammer, Carol Scheffer. Keynote Address: Assessing Young Dual Language Learners - What You Need to Know and Why. Dual Language Institute. Materials for Keynote Address [PDF, 177KB].

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Conferences and Trainings: Supplementary Materials. HHS/ACF/OHS. 2009. English.

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