Staff Development: Reports

The following materials lay the foundation and highlight effective practices for DLLs.

The information in this section provides the context for addressing the unique needs of DLLs. Additional important information can be found in other sections such as Research, Supplementary Materials, and Multimedia. For example, the resources displayed under Multimedia offer strategies and best practices through webcasts, webinars or podcasts.

Academy for Educational Development. Professional Development Handbook for Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Programs. Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Technical Assistance Center TAC-12. [PDF, 4MB]

Baptiste, PhD, Nancy and Luis Huerta-Charles, PhD. Proyecto Avanzar: Meeting Identified Needs of Head Start Staff as College Students.

California Tomorrow. Getting Ready for Quality: The Critical Importance of Developing and Supporting a Skilled, Ethnically and Linguistically Diverse Early Childhood Workforce.  [PDF, 4.2MB]

Head Start English Language Learners Project at Community Development Institute. Strengthening Professional Development.

Holstrom, Lisa. "University of Cincinnati Online Bilingual Associate's Degree." Head Start Bulletin Professional Development #79.

Office of Head Start. "Higher Education Grantees." Head Start Bulletin Professional Development #79. 

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Staff Development: Reports. HHS/ACF/OHS. 2009. English.

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