Head Start Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness Resource Catalogue (Volumes One through Three)

This three-volume resource provides extensive descriptive listings of research- and evidence-based articles, books, videos, curricula, websites, and other resources useful to families, staff, Head Start partners, and T/TA providers. It is designed to inform readers of sound education strategies and promising practices, practical family and community engagement approaches, professional development resources, and culturally and linguistically responsive policies and system designs.

Each volume includes search and bookmark features for easy access to specific topics or resources. Most resources listed are available at no cost. Volumes may be downloaded and printed as needed.

Volume One: Dual Language Learning (First Edition)Volume One: Dual Language Learning (First Edition) [PDF, 4.35MB] presents information to support Head Start programs working to maximize the development and potential of dual language learners (DLLs) and their families. It features resources that identify the unique factors that contribute to linguistic and school readiness skills of young children learning two or more languages and offer strategies for families and teachers to support home and English language development. Topics include teaching strategies, assessment of DLLs, and supporting culturally and linguistically diverse programs.

Volume Two: Native and Heritage Language Preservation, Revitalization, and Maintenance (Second Edition)Volume Two: Native and Heritage Language Preservation, Revitalization, and Maintenance (Second Edition) [PDF, 3.85MB] provides resources on efforts to preserve heritage languages and life ways of American Indian, Alaska Native, Pacific Island, and other indigenous communities. Catalogue entries showcase resources and practices on topics such as early childhood language nests, the use of technology in language learning, immersion preschool programs, and culturally responsive curricula. Many of these resources were developed by tribes, clans, and other indigenous groups and include dictionaries, language lessons, and more.

Volume Three: Cultural Responsiveness (First Edition)Volume Three: Cultural Responsiveness (First Edition) [PDF, 3.9MB] contains studies that convey the impact of cultural heritage on children’s linguistic and social-emotional development, as well as resources that promote supportive learning environments and culturally responsive teaching strategies and family supports. Topics include working with diverse families and communities, developing cross-cultural competence, and managing diverse classrooms.

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60 Minutes from Catalogue to Classroom (C2C) 60 Minutes from Catalogue to Classroom: Using Journal Articles for Professional Development is a series of professional development training modules that highlight individual journal articles focused on culture, dual language learning, and best practices featured in the Head Start Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness Resource Catalogues (Volumes 1-3). Note: This resource is under review.

Head Start Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness Resource Catalogue (Volumes One through Three). HHS/ACF/OHS/NCCLR. 2012. English.

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Last Updated: December 14, 2016