Cultural Backgrounders


Cultural Backgrounders
This series of resources provide general cultural information on various refugee and cultural groups new to the United States. It is always best to get to know each family and learn their individual characteristics, as every family is unique and cultural practices vary by household and by generation. These resources provide basic information to help staff begin discussions with families and communities. Note: These resources are under review.

Bhutanese Refugee Families [PDF, 337KB] Spanish (español) [PDF, 443KB]

Refugee Families from Burma [PDF, 412KB] Spanish (español) [PDF, 506KB]

Refugee Families from Iraq [PDF, 249KB] Spanish (español) [PDF, 465KB]

Refugee Families from Somalia [PDF, 284KB] Spanish (español) [PDF, 339KB]

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NEW! Ways to Use Cultural Backgrounders [PDF, 1.3MB]

Use this tool to assist programs in making use of the four Cultural Backgrounders. It provides basic information to help staff begin discussions, relationships, and partnerships with immigrant and refugee families from Burma, Iraq, Somalia, and Eastern Nepal (Bhutanese). Also available in Spanish (español) [PDF, 1MB]

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Last Reviewed: November 2016

Last Updated: November 3, 2016