Returning to Work

It is recommended that women discuss their breastfeeding accommodation needs with their employer before taking maternity leave. Pregnant and breastfeeding women receive guidance on how to make a smooth transition returning to work and continuing to breastfeed.

Continue protecting and nourishing your baby through breastfeeding even after you return to work.

Here are 15 tips that may help with your transition back to work:

  1. During your pregnancy, discuss with your employer a plan that will allow you time to express your breastmilk. Some flexibility in your work routine, which allows time to express your breastmilk in a clean, comfortable and private location, is really all that is necessary. Help your employer to understand the benefits he/she will receive when supporting breastfeeding employees. Give your boss the handouts in this packet that say "Employer’s Information" at the top of the page along with the "Dear Employer" letter. Returning to Work» [PDF, 108KB]

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Last Updated: November 13, 2014