Program Design & Management

Every part of how a program works is planned. Programs are designed to meet the community's needs and the regulations. A solid design and strong, thoughtful management help a program reach its goals. With a solid foundation, the program manages its finances, supports the staff, and improves the lives of children and families.

Program Design & Management

Early Essentials Webisode 1:
Components of Quality

vBTT 2013: Building and Sustaining
Quality Systems

BTT 2010: Caring for Infants and Toddlers Is the Most Important Job and You Cannot Do It Alone, Barbara Mainster

vBTT 2013: Reflective Leadership in EHS

Start-Up For New Programs

Early Head Start Organizational Readiness Chart

Start-Up Tips for Working with EHS Grantees

From Vision to Reality: EHS Start-Up
& Implementation

Starting Strong: Supporting Programs In Start-Up

Tip Sheet 39: Is a Start-Up Planner Required for Newly Funded Programs?

Why Do I Need a Start-Up Planner? (Start-Up Fact Sheets)

Benefits of Hiring an EHS Start-Up Planner

Program Planning

What Is Quality Data for Programs Serving Infants and Toddlers?

Tip Sheet 11: Daily Attendance Rate for EHS

Tip Sheet 21: Continuity of Care in EHS Group Settings

Tip Sheet 25: Birth-to-Five Program & EHS/HS/MSHS

News You Can Use: Transitions

Tip Sheet 42: Supporting Infant & Toddler Language Development

Tip Sheet 43: Supporting Infants & Toddlers who are Dual Language Learners

EHS and Child Welfare Collaborations

Tip Sheet 9: Developmentally Appropriate EHS Environments

Tip Sheet 16: Dividing a Large Space into EHS Classrooms

Tip Sheet 44: Moving Cribs for Usable
EHS Space

Crib Regulations: What You Need To Know!

Tip Sheet 45: Use of Feeding Chairs with Trays in EHS

Tip Sheet 46: Purchasing Infant Formula

Tip Sheet 8: Provisions of Diapers & Formula

Tip Sheet 31: Home Visitor Caseload

Tip Sheet 33: Families with Multiple Children in the EHS Home-Based Option, REVISED

Home-Based Supervisor's Manual for the Home-Based Option

Program Administrator's Checklist for the Home-Based Option


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Last Updated: December 12, 2016