Early Head Start Organizational Readiness Chart

This page features the Early Head Start Organizational Readiness Chart (EHS ORC). Download and use it to see where your program is with getting the Early Head Start services up and running. The ORC can help you make sure your implementation plan includes all the necessary steps for a successful program launch. You can also use it to support continuous quality improvement efforts and as part of the annual self-assessment process. The EHS ORC should be completed by your program’s leadership team, including stakeholders such as community partners. Note: This resource is under review.

Supplemental materials for the EHS ORC include:

  • Implementation Guide
  • Action Planning Form

Org chart cover shotPrograms planning to provide EHS services must be thoughtful about how they design and implement their program. For the purposes of this paper, start-up planning refers to the activities grantees engage in, as they prepare to implement their funded grant, through the planning period and during the early stages of service delivery. Planning for program implementation begins during the grant application process and continues from the time of the award to full implementation of services. Early Head Start Organizational Readiness Chart [PDF, 597KB]



Early Head Start Organizational Readiness Chart. HHS/ACF/OHS/EHSNRC. 2015. English. [PDF, 597KB].

Last Reviewed: August 2015

Last Updated: December 1, 2016