Advancing Family Engagement through Professional Development in Family Services

Relationships matter to children's learning and healthy development! Support family and child outcomes through each of the nine Head Start and Early Head Start Relationship‐Based Competencies for Staff and Supervisors Who Work with Families [PDF, 2MB]. The Fall 2 Fall Series is designed to advance family engagement through professional development for all staff who work with families, especially in family services.

Explore the Relationship-Based Competencies and associated resources below. For each competency you will find resources you can use for individual practice, training, staff discussions, coaching and other professional development opportunities. Head Start (HS) and Early Head Start (EHS) programs may use these resources to help build capacity for staff and supervisors who work with families. Depending upon local agencies' program options and organizational designs, these competencies are relevant for family services staff and supervisors, home visiting staff and supervisors, parent involvement specialists, family and community partnership managers, and others.

Relationship-Based Competencies

Competencies 1 & 2

Explore Positive, Goal-Oriented Relationships and Self-Aware and Culturally Responsive Relationships

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Competency 3

Family Well-being and Families as Learners

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Competency 4

Positive Parent-Child Relationships and Families as Lifelong Educators

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Competencies 5 & 6

Family Access to Community Resources

Family Connections to Peers and Community

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Competency 7

Coordinated, Integrated and Comprehensive Services

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Competency 8

Data Driven Services for Continuous Improvement

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Competency 9

Foundations for Professional Growth

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For additional resources to assist in developing goal-directed relationships with families, visit our Relationship-Based Practices page. For more resources and tools, visit PFCE Resources and Guides.

Last Reviewed: November 2013

Last Updated: January 5, 2015