Relationship-Based Competency No. 3

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This month, the Fall to Fall Series will focus on Relationship-Based Competency No. 3:

Family Well-being and Families as Learners: When staff and supervisors who work with families focus on their well-being and roles as learners, they are supporting families' safety, health, financial stability, life goals, and aspirations.

Featured Resources

To help you explore this month's competency, we are pleased to share the following resources. You may also find these resources useful for team skill-building, reflection, and discussion to enhance your program's partnerships with families.

Asset Building for Head Start Providers

Family stability, including financial stability, is critical to a young child's development. Asset building is a term that refers to an array of services and resources that can help families take steps toward financial stability and provide protection during tough economic times. This document describes resources and strategies your organization can use to bring asset building services to individuals and families.

Interactive Homelessness Lessons

These online lessons give Head Start, Early Head Start (EHS), and Migrant and Seasonal Head Start (MSHS) programs information and resources for serving families who are experiencing homelessness.

Reflective Supervision: A Tool for Relationship-Based EHS Services

Reflective supervision is a process through which supervisors and direct service staff work together to understand the children and families they serve, as well as their own feelings about this often emotionally difficult work. This paper is a birth to 5 resource designed to provide directors, administrators, and staff with a tool for relationship-based EHS services and describes how some programs have implemented reflective supervision.

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Last Reviewed: February 2013

Last Updated: May 14, 2014