Relationship-Based Competency No. 4

a family reads together

This month, the Fall to Fall Series will focus on Relationship-Based Competency No. 4:

Positive Parent-Child Relationships and Families as Lifelong Educators: When staff and supervisors who work with families focus on this competency, they enhance the parent-child relationship and support parents' role as the first and lifelong educators of their children.

Featured Resources

To help you explore this month's competency, we are pleased to share the following resources. You may find these resources useful for team skill-building, reflection, and discussion to enhance your program's partnerships with families.

Sharing Knowledge with Infant-Toddler Teachers and Home Visitors Series

This series of lessons focuses on supporting infant and toddler development. You will find information and chances for reflection for teachers, home visitors, and families. There also are training activities in the Trainer's Companion manuals.

NEW! Research to Practice Series: Positive Parent-Child Relationships [PDF, 506KB]

Positive parent-child relationships provide the foundation for children's learning. Root your program strategies in research around the best ways to strengthen these relationships. This is the first in a new series featuring the family outcomes of the PFCE Framework.

Family Engagement and Ongoing Child Assessment [PDF, 2.2MB]

Effective, goal-directed partnerships with families prepare children for school and lifelong learning. Discover different ways to share information with families about children's learning and development. This resource also offers great strategies for building relationships with families that support the parent-child relationship.

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Last Reviewed: February 2013

Last Updated: May 14, 2014