Relationship-Based Competency No. 7

mother and child with caregiver

This month, the Fall to Fall Series will focus on Relationship-based Competency No. 7:

Coordinated, Integrated and Comprehensive Services: Acts as a member of a comprehensive services team so that family service activities are coordinated and integrated throughout the program.

Featured Resources

To help you explore this month’s competency, we are pleased to share the following resources:

NEW! Relationship Based Competencies Learning Extension: Coordinated and Integrated Services [PDF, 314KB]

What do coordinated and integrated family services look like? This resource highlights examples of Head Start and Early Head Start programs in action. Examples are organized so that staff can see the connections to the elements of the PFCE Framework.

Assessment Tools and Guides

Use the PFCE Assessment Guides and Tools to recognize your program’s accomplishments and to improve your strategies for engaging families. These resources will help programs build systemic, integrated and comprehensive approaches to PFCE. Depending on your program’s needs, you may choose to use the resources separately or together and in any order.

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Last Reviewed: February 2013

Last Updated: May 14, 2014