Relationship-Based Competency No. 8

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This month, the Fall to Fall Series will focus on Relationship-Based Competency No. 8:

Data Driven Services and Systems for Continuous Improvement: Collects and analyzes information to find new solutions to challenges as part of ongoing monitoring in order to continuously improve services.

Featured Resources

To help you explore this month’s competency, we are pleased to share the following resources:

NEW! Measuring What Matters Series: Using Data to Support Family Progress: An Overview [PDF, 1.7MB]

Wondering about how you can use data to improve your PFCE efforts? Find answers to your questions in a new NCPFCE series about data and Family Outcomes. This overview is the first in the series. It introduces all program staff to relationship-based ways of using data to support family progress. It also introduces key concepts for partnering with families and supporting the PFCE Outcomes.

Data in Head Start and Early Head Start: Creating a Culture That Embraces Data

Use these interactive activities about data to set priorities and improve program practice. In particular, Activity 1: Plan to Succeed includes a case study about program planning and child attendance. Program staff can better understand how child attendance data may be informed by data from other service areas: family services, transportation, health, food services, and children’s learning and development.

Head Start Father Engagement Birth to Five Programming Guide [PDF, 1.9MB]

Explore this Programming Guide and make father engagement an everyday part of your systems and services.  The Continuous Improvement section introduces staff to the continuous improvement planning cycle. This section of the guide also includes an example of how to use data to support father engagement goals and plans.

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Last Reviewed: November 2013

Last Updated: May 14, 2014